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We are one the few agencies selling skin care products containing gem stones in Japan.
Our customers are parts wholesalers and distributors,
supplying consumers both from online shopping malls and offline drug stores.

In Japan, our distribution is mature but we would love to have further distributors all over the world.

The following is how our products work. Please contact us at
if you feel distribution of the EXLUXURY product range could be of interest.

Company: MILLION Co., Ltd.


Category: Beauty serums
Volume: 50 ml

a luxury gold essence serum product from MILLION Co., Ltd.

EXLUXURY ALL-IN-ONE MORNING SERUM will leave your skin looking brilliant and glowing and
serve as a base to make your makeup look even more beautiful.

Instructions In the morning, push the pump about three times, and massage the gold-infused serum all over your face.
It’s simple; just rub it in, and enjoy your glowing skin.
Using this serum before your makeup routine will leave your skin looking beautiful.

Beauty compounds and how it works The serum contains not only gold but also a combination of diamonds, pearls, silk, and
other ingredients to create gorgeous skin.
Gold doesn’t just shine; its faint electric charge increases circulation to facial tissue without using a facial massager,
leaving your skin revitalized and healthy.

This Japanese-made beauty serum contains 21 different
compounds with beautifying effects, including hyaluronic
acid and collagen,as well as a blend of ginseng, cherry
blossom, and kudzu root extracts.

Using these plant extracts every day can preserve the
youth of your skin and keep it looking bright.


Category: Beauty serums
Volume: 30 ml

EXLUXURY NIGHT SERUM works while you sleep to relieve facial bloating and tighten the shape of your face.
Its beauty ingredients penetrate deeply into your skin,
continuously brightening your complexion for lighter and more beautiful skin.

Instructions After washing your face, take two to three pumps in the palm of your hand and apply to your whole face.
Use multiple applications around the eyes, mouth, or other areas that dry out easily.
After using the NIGHT SERUM, depending on the condition of your skin,
apply an appropriate amount of EXLUXURY WATERY OIL.
Using these products in combination will result in firm, glowing skin.

Beauty compounds and how it works This beauty serum with a transparent, bluish sheen contains a variety of jewel-based ingredients,
which helps beauty ingredients such as placenta, EGF, and FGF to further enhance their actions and
brings clarity and moisturizing effect to your skin.
One of these jewel-based ingredients, tourmaline, is a mineral known for its ability to generate negative ions,
allowing it to stimulate skin blood flow for deep skin healing as well as to revitalize cells,
restoring the original vitality of your skin.
Malachite, a stunning blue mineral, provides anti-aging effects including the ability to block free radicals,
stimulating the production of collagen to prevent discoloration, wrinkles, and sagging.
The beauty serum also contains a blend of diamond, silk, pearl, and platinum to beautify your skin from the inside out.


Category:Skin oils
Volume: 30 ml

An oil-based beauty serum with an all-new texture;
just spread it on lightly and it begins to penetrate into your skin instantly,
working to create a brilliant, glowing complexion and minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Instructions Press the golden button on the top of the cap to dispense oil from the dropper.
Take an appropriate amount (3 to 4 drops) in the palm of your hand and apply thoroughly to your whole face.
Use after EXLUXURY NIGHT SERUM to increase the effectiveness.
Safe for use all over the body, including the nape of the neck, elbows, knees, heels, hair,
or any areas where dryness is an issue.

Beauty compounds and how it works Its blend of four plant-based oils thoroughly protects tired skin, which is more vulnerable to external stressors,
leading to a fresh complexion even with no make-up, and minimizing the appearance of pores,
which is getting noticeable because of sagging.
Just applying the serum stimulates skin blood flow, leading to a brighter complexion and preventing
discoloration and wrinkles.
(Olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and rose hip oil)
Jewel-based beauty ingredients—silk, pearl, and diamond—, unique to the EXLUXURY series,
will make your skin look even more beautiful and youthful, which shines from within.